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Welcome to CONEX Portal UK

Our values-driven community champions collaboration over competition. We connect manufacturers and engineers with every part of the supply chain they need to get projects off the ground – and completed.​

Welcome to ConeX, the online community and digital platform, that connects manufacturers & engineers with the supply chain.

ConeX formed during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. We learned a lot in our first year and we're determined to help UK manufacturing thrive. Whether you’re a solo-preneur, own your business or work for a company, ConeX works for you. Use our portal to connect with manufacturers and experts across the UK.

We want businesses like yours to stay competitive, complete projects, and discover the local suppliers that you may not be aware of.

ConeX is the home of great manufacturing connections.

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ConeX Portal UK membership is open to organisations of all sizes.
We understand it's hard to find reliable suppliers. And we know first-hand that 2020 presented more challenges to the UK manufacturing sector than Covid alone. ConeX is here to make better, stronger connections. We help you use your local supply chains to deliver projects on time.
ConeX is not a networking portal, it's a place to develop and complete projects by connecting designers with the skilled engineers and manufacturers they need to develop processes and complete projects.
Manufacturing businesses need services beyond the supply chain. ConeX partnerships are open to companies of all sizes who want to raise their profile in this exciting sector.

Is ConeX another procurement platform or A directory club?​

Every day, we're compared to directory sites and asked why we're setting up another procurement platform. The truth is, ConeX is neither of those things.

We're a small community with a strong ethos and our criteria for new members ensures that these standards are upheld. We've experienced first hand the pain of getting lost among the noise of the big players in the sector. That's why we launched ConeX – to create the community we were looking for.

ConeX wants the manufacturing community in the UK to be better connected. Our success is measured by the value of the relationships we help establish and the project outcomes. It isn't about big numbers and high volume.

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manufacturers & engineers​

With ConeX there is no stress to complete projects that need reliable supply chains

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product designers & innovators​

We understand first-hand the importance of using the right supplier to complete projects​

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conex brings people together​

In 2021 and beyond, local partnerships are the smarter way to connect the supply chain​

Sam Baynham, ConeX Portal UK Managing Director, is passionate about the positive future that awaits UK manufacturing, product design and engineering businesses of all sizes

"Across the UK, manufacturing companies and entrepreneurs are doing great things. Now, we need to connect them and provide a platform where collaborations and achievement is celebrated."​

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