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Organisations who are part of ConeX are thriving. We're passionate about UKMFG and our mission is to help UK engineering and manufacturing businesses thrive.

Our doors are open to anyone connected to UK manufacturing: freelancers, solo-entrepreneurs, educators, and manufacturers of all sizes. We have every part of the supply chain covered, the ConeX community gets projects off the ground – and completed.​

We want businesses like yours to stay competitive and complete projects. In 2022 alone, dozens of exciting projects started as an idea within ConeX.

From our CEO, Sam Baynham "Across the UK, manufacturing companies have continued to show resilience to the toughest of challenges.. We need to connect them, celebrate and encourage collaboration, build relationships, and support projects... and this is what we've done with ConeX, we've provided a platform where collaboration is possible, forge connections with likeminded individuals and supported multiple projects on their journey.

So how does it work? We get to know you as a business, who you work with, leads you need, connections you want. And have formed a community powered by a strong ethos of genuine likeminded industry experts. Nothing is hidden behind algorithms, this is NOT a directory, this is community."

ConeX is the home of great manufacturing connections.

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ConeX is open to organisations of all sizes. We work with engineers, designers, and manufacturers across the UK, together we're building a strong community, and bringing great ideas and projects to life.
We understand it's hard to find reliable suppliers. And we know first-hand that 2020 presented more challenges to the UK manufacturing sector than Covid alone. ConeX is here to make better, stronger connections. We help you use your local supply chains to deliver projects on time.
ConeX is not a networking portal, it's a place to develop and complete projects by connecting designers with the skilled engineers and manufacturers they need to develop processes and complete projects.
Manufacturing businesses need services beyond the supply chain. ConeX partnerships are open to companies of all sizes who want to raise their profile in this exciting sector.

You get more from conex than just a listing on a directory...​

Every day, we're compared to directory sites and asked why we're setting up another procurement platform. The truth is, ConeX is neither of those things, it is so much more:

ConeX comparative table. ConeX is more valuable than a business directory offering real collaboration and community
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manufacturers & engineers​

We provide the tools to grow your business, celebrate success and build resilience

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product designers & innovators​

We know how important it is to use verified trusted suppliers to support your projects

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We're determined to overcome challenge and keep the UK supply chain connected