Award winners - Philips Lighting using 100% recycled Porthcurno blend material

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Fishy Filaments - Ian Falconer
October 22, 2022

The prestigious Industrial Designers Society of America has just announced its IDEA (Industrial Designer Excellence Awards) prizes for 2022.

The Coastal Breeze product line designed and made by Philips Lighting, using our 100% recycled Porthcurno blend material, won a top Gold prize in its category.

As the IDSA says "Apple’s original iPhone (Gold, 2008), Tesla’s Model S (Gold, 2013) and the Oculus Rift (Bronze, 2016) are just three recent examples of IDEA winners that have completely disrupted industry and society".

Other gold winners in recent years are Microsoft (for its XBox controller), Google (for its Home hubs and others), Logitech (for its computer mouses, meece, mices, whatever...) and Rolls Royce (for its Dawn model).

This is a recognition of global impact, and it will come with a really good degree of amplification as the marketing around this product line explicitly displays our company as the material source and the program itself as collaborative. Philips aren't trying to hide us in other words, in fact they are celebrating the material source both in marketing and in product design.

So I'm going to call this one a very definite win for Fishy Filaments too.