ConeX Project launches

Content by:
Sam Baynham - ConeX Portal
May 26, 2022

What's new for ConeX Portal with this launch:

1. Dedicated project log-in with private dashboard - if you have an idea, want to bring something to market, or just want to connect with your local manufacturing supply chain then ConeX Projects is for you. Create a FREE account, tell us what you're looking for and allow us to introduce you directly into the best minds in #ukmanufacturing.

2. POWER TEAMS Collaboration Space - our members can now work together on large supply chain projects through the Power teams area within the supplier side of the portal.

3. Improved Accessibility experience for ConeX Dashboard - we've listened to our members and launched a whole new look to the dashboard. Create and host events, search local suppliers, talk to us and share your projects, and connect with other members.