Contrinex ContriApp - A case study

Content by:
Mark Weymouth - PLUS Automation
April 27, 2023

Contrinex 's 'YBES' 'Extended Slim' Type 4, Safety Light Curtains are robust and feature-rich. Because fast commissioning reduces costs and risks, the YBES curtains have inbuilt alignment LEDs to speed up installation and a Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone or tablet running the ContriApp, speeds up their commissioning.

The robust aluminium 26 x 26mm (1”) profile helps provide a reliable solution, but in industrial environments, for example on heavy-duty industrial presses, light curtains can occasionally suffer damage. Therefore, the ContriApp enables fast diagnosis and if required, commissioning of replacement units.

Using a Bluetooth, wireless connection, ContriApp also means that there is no need to find a ‘special’ commissioning cable or tool, before the light curtain can be connected. ContriApp is a free-of-charge app available to download from the Apple App Store, or Google Play, which means there is no additional cost, for every maintenance engineer to have a copy ready for when it might be required.


• EN/ISO 13849-1 Cat. 4 PL e & IEC 61508 SIL 3 - TÜV, CE & UL Certified

• 14mm and 30mm beam resolutions

• Protective heights from 170 to 1610mm

• Slim and robust aluminium 26 x 26mm (1”) profile

• No blind zone, even when mounted in L-shape

• Easy alignment with the aid of inbuilt alignment LEDs

• Wireless configuration with Bluetooth and the ContriApp

• Integrated EDM (External Device Monitoring), restart interlock & beam coding

• M12 connections and a wide choice of accessories

• 0 to +55C & IP67 rating