Contrinex’s ACTIVSTONE® Ceramic Coating

Content by:
Mark Weymouth - PLUS Automation
December 2, 2022

Contrinex’s ACTIVSTONE® Ceramic Coating Keeps Their Weld-immune inductives Spotless

Contrinex’s Weld-immune inductive sensors are renowned for their performance and robustness, and the optional ACTIVSTONE™ ceramic coating provides the highest level of weld-spatter resistance.

The durable, non-stick, high-performance ceramic coating which is on all external surfaces of the sensor and its fixing nuts, prevents weld spatter accumulation. The coating makes removing weld slag easy, reducing maintenance costs.

Mounting brackets are also available with the ACTIVSTONE® coating and quick-to-fit, spatter-resistant sleeves prevent cables from damage.

All Contrinex Weld-Immune sensors provide immunity to magnetic interference, in particular from medium-frequency weld fields (current up to 15kA), as well as exceptional sensing performance.

The sensors include the IO-Link communication protocol so that parameters can be auto-updated from the PLC to a new sensor when it is installed. IO-Link is also ideal for implementing the sensors into Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Industry 4 implementations.

Contrinex provides the best performance and the best-in-class service life, especially in tough conditions, making their weld-immune inductive sensors ideal for automated welding cells with high-strength magnetic fields, for example in automotive factories and other industrial welding plants.


💪Robust & reliable in demanding conditions,

🧥ACTIVSTONE™ coating option resists weld spatter in Spot, MIG & MAG,

🕵🏽‍Fast and reliable detection,

📏Long sensing ranges,

🌡️Excellent temperature stability,

✨Immune to electromagnetic interference from 50Hz and Medium-Frequency weld fields,

🧲Resists magnetic interference,

🐁Excellent sensing of small & thin targets,

📏Factor 1 sensors offer equal sensing distance for steel & aluminium targets,

🎛️IO-Link – Ideal for Industry 4.

PLUS Automation is the importer of Contrinex sensors in to the UK and Ireland, and aims to help engineers #MakeSenseofSensors to improve automation and machine performance using Inductive🧲, Machine Safety👷, Photoelectric🔦, Pressure🗜️, Process🥛, RFID📻 and Ultrasonic🦇 sensors from Contrinex, ReeR & Satron.