Fishy Filaments release new material - 0rCA

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Ian Falconer - Fishy Filaments
May 18, 2022

Fishy Filaments based down in Cornwall have just released a new material, 0rCA®, their 100% recycled PA-CF filament providing Performance and Sustainability.

That’s 100% recycled Nylon 6 with 100% recycled Carbon Fibre fill.

"It uses our recycled Nylon 6 (PA6) from fishing nets and will be compounded in-house. The carbon fibres are a blend of products that we’ve designed to optimise typical ‘CF’ gains in strength against printability and nozzle life.

Where our Porthcurno blend is an uncompromising product designed to deliver maximum carbon saving vs virgin equivalents, 0rCA® uses a proprietary blend of carbon fibres to deliver a ‘best of all worlds’ performance envelope.

We use our Longships blend of 100% recycled Marine Nylon® and combine it with a multi-source blend of carbon fibres chosen to deliver a full spectrum of strength, usability and carbon emissions saving.

Mechanical tests show that this will compare exceptionally well with virgin equivalents, but with only around 10% of carbon impact. We have Life Cycle Assessments for both the nylon and the carbon fibre, but have yet to find a competing material that provides the same degree of sustainability data.

Target markets for this new material are sectors where momentum is a key performance indicator; such as mobility, high speed componentry and performance sports. To date we have seen interest from automakers, drone makers, water sports, cycling and lighting (for its heat resistance).

This is a material that has the potential to shift the market’s perception on what ‘recycled’ can mean for high value AM, just as our Porthcurno product did when launched in 2019.

We have made 0rCA® to be a more accessible material than Porthcurno, but be in no doubt this is an industry grade solution to the question; ‘Performance or Sustainability ?’

Now you can have both."

0rCA®by Fishy Filaments providing Performance and Sustainability