Successful Product Development Webinar

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Phil Staunton - D2M
May 22, 2022

This 45 minute webinar including the top pieces of advice for Start-ups developing new products based on nearly twenty years of experience.

Obviously can't cover everything in 45 minutes that I've learnt helping over 500 companies develop and launch new products.

But I've managed to get something coherent together.

It covers 7 key elements for successful product development.

These are in priority order with "Idea" as number 7 - seems odd that I don't believe the actual original idea to be that important?

There are at least 6 more important elements to make a new product launch succeed!

Watch the webinar to find out what these are.I also cover 2 key secrets that really move the dial in reducing risk with developing a new idea:

Design something that your target market actually will buy

Eliminating ideas early through commercial viability assessment

Both might seem obvious but both are so often overlooked at they are not easy to do well.

This is partly overlooked as start-ups are looking for positive outcomes at lot of the time, even if these are false!

We go through the product development process I've refined and evolved over the last 12 years of running D2M and I share various examples as well.