WR Composites - A case study

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Wayne Hancox - WR Composites
February 22, 2023

WR Composites are a construction and repair company based in Stourbridge, West Midlands. They specialise in bespoke projects from start to finish, pattern making, mould making, mouldings and production runs in composite materials. They can support rubber tooling and rising casting, and composite repairs (as you'll see in this example):

Here's the damage:

A large hole with structural damage

As you can see the hull was badly damaged so we had to be careful to make sure all the structure is replaced and it all bonds back together.

The last thing we want on completion is to find further issues with any structure or soft areas around the repair site:

And once complete the hull was as good as it was before impact.

We also managed to colour match the gel coat in house in house to achieve a perfect finish:

As good as new

Another satisfied customer.

Like most of the colour matching we do at WR composites we always aim for 100% match.

Would you know this had any prior damage?

To find out more about our work check out the website - https://wrcomposites.co.uk/